en    - engineering; design; development; implementation

gen  - generations; genesis; past; present; future

vis    - latin for energy; power; efficiency; vision

En-gen-a-vee │ singular noun

Our Foundation;

The Engenavis concept started with co-founder and Chief Inventor Bruce Berkson. At the time, there were more than 850 million vehicles on the road globally. Bruce embarked on his mission to develop effective technologies that would provide the opportunity for immediate and responsible adoption worldwide to reduce emissions and pollution generated by gas and diesel-fueled vehicles.

With a clear vision and goal of eliminating fossil fuel-based systems
, Bruce knew the required components were not yet mature enough and existing systems were too costly.  Bruce created the foundational products of Engenavis by pioneering the development and introducing some of the very first hybrid and aftermarket battery based and power regenerating vehicle systems in the world. 

Bruce’s contributions in this area provided an affordable and realistic approach to reduce vehicle emissions up to 75% and established a standard of design adopted and recognized worldwide. 

Today Engenavis and it’s operating groups are committed to all aspects of providing a global approach to sustainable alternatives. Based on a commitment to identify, develop and deploy “Transitional Technologies“ Engenavis and it’s team of motivated and committed employees are delivering on the reality of a better today and the promise of a better tomorrow.

The energy of the sun, The force of the wind, The movement of the ocean,
The passion of our people, Caring for Generations to come.


Believe in Better.
Engenavis – The Responsibility of Power