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George M. Weiss

Executive Chairman of the Board

George M. Weiss, is an accomplished attorney, entrepreneur, board member and venture capitalist with more than 40 years of senior management, venture and private equity investing experience. George has been a company founder, officer and board member as well as a senior adviser to top-level executives in high-growth industries around the world.


Throughout his career, George has served as a board of director and audit, executive, compensation, nominating and governance, and other committees of over 15 emerging private, AMEX and NYSE companies. He has served as Chairman of the Board and/or Chairman of the audit, executive, nominating and governance, and other key committees in nine of these companies.


In addition to his entrepreneurial success George provided 45 years of service to the United States National Football Foundation, a 70 plus year-old institution which maintains the College Football Hall of Fame, promoting athletic and academic excellence for the youth of the nation. At his retirement from the Foundation in December 2014, George served as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Committee Chairman and Senior Leader of the Foundation.  During his association with the NFF, George received numerous awards for his service and in 2014 was awarded the Foundation’s Gold Medal, its highest honor which previously was awarded to 57 honorees including 7 United States Presidents, a Supreme Court Justice and numerous governmental and Fortune 100 Corporate leaders.


George and his principal investment partners have participated in and managed or co-managed over 80 venture investments over a 20+year period, investing on their and investors’ behalf over $600 million in venture equity investments with a remarkably high rate of success. The Global Hunger Project - 10 year board member. Chairman of the finance and audit committee. United States Naval Academy Foundation - Member of the Board of Trustees.

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